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Search and Rescue

Perhaps best known for its search and rescue efforts, CAP flies more than 85 percent of all federal inland search-and-rescue missions. Nearly 100 people are saved each year by CAP members!

The Polaris Squadron routinely performs the following search and rescue missions:
  • ELT Response- When an Emergency Locator Transmitter is detected (either by another aircraft, FAA facility, or in the case of the new 406MHz beacons, by satellite), the Rescue Coordinate Center (RCC) can task us to locate the aircraft and provide assistance if required.
  • Overdue Aircraft Response- Similar to an ELT search, the RCC can task us to search for aircraft who activated a flight plan, but never closed it. Because the electronic signal of an ELT may not have been detected these searches typically start with a route search along the filed route of flight.
  • Guardian Angel Flights- These are routine flights flown over highly used routes. Even though there is no specific report of distress, the aircrew monitor the emergency frequency and keeps a vigilant eye out the windows of the aircraft for possible persons in distress.

Aerial Photography and Surveys

Rescue isn’t the Civil Air Patrol’s only mission, our crews provide aerial reconnaissance services to a variety of customers. Civil Air Patrol is the ideal provider for your photo needs, our timely, professional CAP certified Airborne Photographers and Mission Pilots can complete your mission for an average cost of just $140 per hour.

We can provide:
  • Locate and photograph
  • Geotagged photos
  • Time over target intercepts
  • Recurring monitoring
  • Still or video footage
  • Delivery from remote mission bases
  • Transportation of customer observers
Our squadron has provided aerial photos for:
  • United States Air Force
  • National Weather Service
  • Alaska Department of Transportation

Air Logistics Support

Civil Air Patrol has the ability to move large quantities of cargo and personnel in and out of short airstrips and seaplane bases throughout the state of Alaska. Civil Air Patrol is the ideal provider for your cargo missions, our timely, professional crews can complete your mission for an average cost of just $140 per hour.

We can provide:
  • Individual payloads up to 1500lbs
  • Payloads up to 3′ height by 3′ width
  • Over 110 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Operation throughout the state of Alaska
Our squadron has performed logistics missions for:
  • Food delivery for the Food Bank of Alaska/Alaska State Senate
  • Troop transportation for the Alaska Air National Guard
  • Personnel transportation for the Alaska Army National Guard
  • Personnel transportation for the US Air Force
  • Personnel transportation for the US Coast Guard