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Getting Started

Level 1 Orientation Guide

Getting Started for Seniors Members (age 18 and up)

When you join us at Polaris Composite Squadron the first time for a squadron meeting, we’ll introduce you to our Commander and other dedicated volunteer members. You will see and hear our squadron members as they discuss, plan, and schedule real missions, squadron training opportunities, and fun social events. Our squadron meetings are every Tuesday at 7:00pm. Most members come early to meet and greet each other and to help new and prospective members get acquainted with everyone.

When you join us for a second squadron meeting, we will help you complete your membership application and get you started! We will also introduce you to one of our Senior Members who will act as your 'mentor', seeing you through the application process and guiding you through the various levels of your training. During your CAP career you should expect many members will mentor you as well as provide you with hands-on training.

View our welcome packet outlining the step-by-step procedure for getting started. It includes Civil Air Patrol’s Great Start Guide, a booklet for adult CAP members giving a general overview of Civil Air Patrol, its volunteer and training opportunities, and a checklist for new members to complete their first year of membership.

What you can expect to learn and do

CAP members have an abundance of opportunities to train and become a fully qualified Technician, Senior Technician, and Master Technician in one or more Specialty Tracks and then perform one or more Primary Duty Positions supporting CAP’s various missions. Specialty training is FREE! Some examples of Specialty Tracks include:
Administration Officer Aerospace Education Officer Cadet Programs Officer Chaplain
Communications Officer Drug Demand Reduction Officer Emergency Services Officer Finance Officer
Flight Operations Officer Health Services Officer Historian Information Technology Officer
Inspection Officer Legal Officer Logistics Officer Operations Officer
Personnel Officer Professional Development Officer Public Affairs Officer Recruiting and Retention Officer
Safety Officer Standards/Evaluation Officer    

Some additional duty positions in CAP Emergency Services include:

Airborne Photographer Critical Incident Stress Management Mission Scanner
Mission Observer Mission Pilot Ground Search and Rescue Team Member
Incident Commander Mission Radio Operator Transport Mission Pilot
Instructor Pilot Evaluator Pilot  

Training and qualification through on-the-job training (OJT) and self-study

To become qualified in a Specialty Track CAP members are encouraged to attend scheduled training events whenever possible or complete self-study, under the guidance of a qualified CAP member. Members are also encouraged to participate in scheduled training exercises and real-world missions to maintain proficiency in their primary duty position(s) as well as any additional duties they may have.

Training at the National Emergency Services Academy (NESA)

CAP members may attend NESA, located near Indianapolis, Indiana. This academy offers many of the Emergency Services courses listed above in a formal setting. Upon completion of training at NESA members return to Polaris fully qualified in a mission related skill. Local, Alaska-area orientation training may be required for some courses.

Welcome to Polaris Composite Squadron! Don’t forget to ask lots of questions. We are happy to help you learn!