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That Others May Live

The Polaris Operations Directorate supports the squadron commander by providing highly capable mission ready aircrews and ground teams to meet Alaska Wing emergency services taskings.  Our annual training plan outlines our approach to developing our air and ground crews.  Our objective is ensure a safe, expeditious, and effective response to meet the demanding search and rescue and disaster relief needs of the Air Force and other federal and state tasking agencies. We join our brothers and sisters across the search and rescue profession knowing that we volunteer to do this with integrity, respect for our mission and each other, a high standard of excellence, and commitment to volunteer service that others may live.

All members are required to be in a proper CAP uniform for all Polaris CAP activities unless specifically excused by the squadron commander. Please refer to CAPM 39-1, Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual, for uniform wear requirements. The following links are provided to help new members acquire uniform items for flight and ground operations. As operators, the traditional flight uniform is the flight suit.  Other uniforms are authorized and perfectly acceptable for operations participation.

While we generally have plenty of flight suits, jackets are hard to come by. You can buy the 
Rothco Nylon MA1 jacket (Vanguard) or the Rothco Military CWU-45P Nylon Jacket (Amazon) - both are low price but wearable with our surplus USAF sage green flight suits (Nomex versions are very expensive). Both jackets require velcro and patches to be added. Blue flight suits and jackets, polo shirts, etc are all available on the Vanguard website. Cotton/nylon flight suit versions are reasonably priced. Nomex is NOT a flight requirement.  All you need to participate in operations and for attendance at unit meetings is an authorized CAP uniform--there are lots of options. Please wear it smartly and with pride!

Please do not mix CAP and USAF-style uniform items and do not wear USAF uniform items as civilian garments (i.e. your sage green flight jacket with all its patches and rank with jeans or other civilian attire).