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Cadet Flight Operations

The Cadet Orientation Flight Program introduces youth to general aviation through hands-on orientation flights in single engine aircraft and gliders. The program’s motto describes what cadet flying is all about: “Safe, Fun, Educational.”  - CAPP 52-7

Polaris Cadets enjoy being part of the largest squadron in Alaska with the highest number of qualified Orientation Pilots and a full flight line of ready aircraft.

Polaris Orientation Pilots have the best volunteer job in the world--they get to do what they love, slipping the surely bonds of earth to dance the sky on laughter silvered wings--the laughter of our cadets enjoying the thrill and amazement of flying in our beautiful state.

Pilots interested in flying in the Cadet Orientation Pilot program will need to have 200 hours of Pilot in Command time and be formally evaluated for flight orientation flying by a CAP check pilot.

The Deputy Commander of Cadets periodically requests cadet orientation rides and work to promote cadet programs and ensure the right balance between cadet performance and orientation ride opportunities.

Cadets get 5 powered orientation flights during their tenure as CAP cadets, and the first orientation flight should occur within 6 months of joining CAP.  If your cadet has been a CAP member for six months and has not yet had an "O-ride" contact the DCC or the Operations Officer for assistance.