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Standardization and Evaluation

That Others May Live

The Polaris Standardization and Evaluation shop is the focus of flight check operations in the Polaris squadron.  Our mission is to ensure all of our pilots are qualified to safely operate CAP aircraft in accordance with the FARs and CAP regulations.

Pilots in need of an initial or annual flight check are encouraged to review CAPR 60-1 and make sure their annual CAPR 60-1 Test and all of their required CAPF 5Q Aircraft Questionnaires are complete and ready for review.

New pilots, and pilots transitioning to a new aircraft, require both a flight with a CAP CFI for a recommendation ride and a check flight with a CAP check pilot.

Pilots are encouraged to check the "What Do I Need" link in eServices to ensure they have completed everything they need prior to arriving for their check flight.

Student pilots who would like to complete a DPE check ride, normally completed in a Cessna 172 aircraft, need to meet with a check pilot two weeks in advance to ensure their Form 5 is properly completed, their CAPF 5Q Aircraft Questionnaire is completed and graded, and they've completed or have a path to complete all of the necessary requirements for their DPE check ride.  We highly encourage CAP members who are student pilots to have their DPE sign thier Form 5 upon successful completion of thier check flight--we'll help you navigate the hurdles to getting this done, but student pilots need to be proactive in engaging with squadron check pilots.