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ICS Resources

Alaska Wing Google System    
  • Google Mission Tracking Template - Operations Tracking for Large Operations:  Save this file Google Docs using the mission number (i.e. "15RCC0001TRACKING") and share it out to the incident command email group and other IC staff members through their AKWG email addresses. 
  • Google Drive (REQUIRES SIGN IN TO AKWG GOOGLE ACCOUNT) - Documents shared with the person currently signed in.  Examples include mission alert spreadsheets, mission tracking documents, etc.
  • Google Mail (REQUIRES SIGN IN TO AKWG GOOGLE ACCOUNT) - Webmail based system using your personal 6-digit CAPID (i.e.,  Used for official CAP Alaska Wing communications.
Aviation Charts, Virtual Maps, and Flight Tracking
  • Sky Vector - Interactive online charts.  
  • VFR Sectional Chart - Online sectional chart.  Use the print screen function to copy sections into PowerPoint or other printable format for printing.
  • Flight Aware - Flight tracking software for commercial and private aircraft on FAA flight plans.
  • FAA N-Number Registry - For looking up aircraft registration information.
  • National Map and USGS Topographical Maps of Alaska - Online access to USGS topo data maps for close-in and topographical features identification. Select the map and resolution you need and download it to a zip file on your computer.
  • Google Earth - downloadable Google Earth application with high resolution imagery and contour data.
  • Maps: AKWG/DOS highly recommends that ICs maintain their own topographical maps of AK.  A book copy of the Alaska Atlas and Gazetteer is available in the AKWG Mission Coordination Center.  You can order on-line at Amazon.
Contingency Environment Resources
Alaska Wing Mission Base Resources
  • ICS Form 214 Activity Log - Required for logging the activity at a mission base during exercises or multi-period IC operations where the Alaska Wing is lead incident manager. WMIRS unit/comm logs currently do not meet standards for this function.
  • ICS Forms 201-209 - ICS forms package (.pdf) for the initial Incident Action Plan for a major incident or ICS exercises.
  • ICS Form 211-P Personnel Sign In - Used to account for personnel participating in a mission base operation.
FEMA Incident Command System (ICS) Resources
  • FEMA ICS Resource Center - ICS Support materials to include job aids, forms, reference documents, and additional links
  • FEMA ICS Forms (MS Word) - A list of all forms available from FEMA for us during Incident Command System events
  • FEMA ICS Position Checklists - Checklists and Position Task Books for a variety of positions to help guide mission staff
  • FEMA ICS Incident Types - How incidents are categorized based on complexity.  Most CAP operations are Type 4
  • FEMA ICS SAR Resource Typing - How resources for SAR are categorized for standardization among requesting and supporting activities